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Basketball Today's Best Betting Odds, Live Scores, Results

Basketball is the second most-followed sport worldwide, just behind football. This means basketball betting is enjoying rising popularity, with bookies worldwide offering competitive odds. But whether you’re a beginner in betting on basketball online or a seasoned pro, there are some basics that you must know. This guidepost is all about that.

Basketball Betting

One of the reasons why basketball is popular worldwide is the simple and highly competitive nature of the game. The game uses a rectangular court where two teams, each with five players, try to score points by tossing the ball at their opponent’s goal. The goal is a high hoop and net (basket). Today, sport is hugely popular in the US, Spain, Italy, China, and other countries.

But due to the abundance of daily matches, you might find it overwhelming to find the right odds and follow live scores. That’s where we here at come in. We ensure you are updated on all events in Europe, North America, Asia, and other regions. You’ll get in-depth information, the latest results, standings, and odds comparisons to help you make a more informed wager.

Fixtures and Results

As said before, basketball has a busy calendar all year long. This means you may have to do some digging for information before placing a bet on basketball. At, we understand that standard information like fixtures and results can be deceptively challenging to find. Therefore, we strive to give you fixtures for all competitive leagues in the US, Italy, Argentina, Spain, and other countries. Remember that you can filter the fixtures based on the country.

In addition, our website lets you quickly find results for all major championships in this sport. This could come in handy if you didn’t watch the weekend matches for one reason or another. At, you’ll get the results of all top leagues, including all NBA matches played while you were away. You can also check the schedules and fixtures for international competitions like the Summer Olympics and FIBA Basketball World Cup.

Live Betting Basketball

Besides keeping you posted on the sports calendar, we also ensure that you never miss the action for live betting basketball. We allow you to live-stream actions as they happen in real-time. Our dedicated team ensures that the results and on-court action refresh within seconds. You can check the live scores based on countries, leagues, and completions.

But our live-streaming feature isn’t just a barebones affair. We include a range of information that will help you with online basketball betting. You’ll get information like the match status, number of points per team, and point leaders. Note that the data is in real-time to give you the most accurate information.

Basketball Leagues

At, rest assured that you’ll find all the information for top leagues worldwide. You’ll get information for NBA, NCAA Basketball, Euroleague, and other competitions. We also have you covered if you’re interested in women’s basketball punting, covering leagues and tournaments like Euroleague Women, Women NBA, and Women NCAA.

Below is an overview of professional leagues you’ll find on our website:

NBA (National Basketball Association)—US/Canada

The NBA is the top-tier professional competition in North America. It’s undoubtedly the most popular league worldwide and is home to top players like LeBron James, Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, and Shaquille O’Neil. In this competition, 30 teams (one from Canada and 29 from the US) battle for local bragging rights. The current defending champions are the Golden State Warriors on their seventh title.

NCAA Basketball—USA

The NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) is a body that organizes student sporting events for thousands of schools and colleges in the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico. The selection process for college basketball starts with three divisions for men and women to determine the teams that will qualify. Generally, larger schools feature in Division I, with smaller schools competing in Division II and III. is the best betting website for “March Madness.”


EuroLeague is a professional competition for European clubs. The league was first organized in 1958 by FIBA, and it features 18 sides, of which 16 get long-term wild cards and licenses. As expected, the teams play each other twice each season (home and away), with each team playing 34 matches. After the season, the top eight teams move to the playoffs to determine the championship winner from the Final Four. It’s a busy league by all standards.

Other top leagues that you’ll find on include:

  • Liga ACP—Spain

  • Chinese Basketball Association—China

  • Lega Basket Serie A—Italy

  • National Basketball League—Australia

  • Basketball Bundesliga—Germany

  • Greek Basket League—Greece

Basketball Odds

At, we provide the most competitive basketball odds, whether you’re looking for pre-match or live basketball odds. We do our best to ensure you get the best available basketball betting odds on top sportsbooks worldwide. In addition, we update the lines accordingly to help you make a more informed bet. For instance, our live odds keep changing as the match develops.

Online Basketball Betting Odds Comparison 

You must dig out the most valuable lines to maximize your chances of winning stakes. But that’s easier said because countless sportsbooks offer competitive basketball betting odds. Checking through each sportsbook trying to find the best lines can be a time-consuming and energy-supping experience.

At, we understand this dilemma, so we give you the best multiplier comparator. You’ll quickly check which site offers the top odds on basketball games. For example, you’ll see the lines for Money Line or Match Winner bets and compare them to see which ones are worth taking. Click the event to see odds for other markets, like totals, parlays, and props.

It also goes without saying that you can filter the odds selections based on the completion. You’ll find highly competitive lines from 50+ bookmakers for a specific market. Eventually, choose the odds representing the best value and head to the sportsbook to place a wager.

How to Bet on Basketball

Basketball betting is quite similar to punting on football matches. Choose a game and market to wager on before entering the amount to stake. But although this may sound straightforward, winning a stake is a different ball game altogether. Bettors must arm themselves with a working strategy to reduce their losses.

Below are some tips and strategies for betting basketball:

  • Shop around for the best lines.

  • Don’t bet on basketball with important money.

  • Don’t chase losses when indulging in sports betting basketball

  • Take advantage of online basketball betting bonuses.

  • Follow tipsters and expert predictions.

  • Settle for small wins and profits.

  • Back the home team during playoffs.

Popular Types of Bets in Basketball Matches

Basketball has lots of markets to guide bettors when placing a wager. So, if you’ve decided to place a bet on basketball, below are the most popular stake types you’ll find:

  • Money Line/ Match Winner: This is the most common and straightforward stake in basketball or any other sport. Here, you’ll predict the side that will win the match. Note that markets have no draws, unlike football.

Basketball Leagues

Ready to give basketball betting a shot? You should be! Basketball wagering is just as easy as football punting, with a few minor twists due to varying game rules. But one thing remains constant; you must arm yourself with enough information and research the best odds and the perfect basketball betting website to be successful. And most importantly, punt with your brains and not feelings. Don’t back your favorite NBA team even if the lines are against them.


Basketball betting is no different from punting on football and other popular sports. After finding a website with the most competitive odds, choose the match and market before placing your wager. You can predict the match winner, player props, correct score, etc.

There’s no proven strategy for winning a bet because results are often random. However, research the teams and hunt for the best lines to improve your chances. You’ll get lots of information and lines on this page.

The lines are relatively easy to comprehend. With Decimals, multiply the odds by the stake amount to know the amount you can win. On the other hand, the team with a minus (-) sign is the favorite among Americans, and the plus (+) sign shows the underdog.

Handicap punting tries to make the wagers more interesting by giving the weaker team some advantage. For instance, if you back a team with a +10.5 handicap, the team is the underdog, and the stake will win even if they lose by no more than 10 points.

In this type, the bookie will set the lines for the teams to score a specific number of points. For example, this can be -162.5 and +162.5. With -162.5, the total score should be less than 162 points. Conversely, the +162.5 bet wins if the total points are 163 or more.