Privacy Policy

For ("Website," "Company," "We," "Us," or "Our"), accessible from, the privacy of users is one of the top priorities. This Privacy Policy explains and describes how We collect, store, use, record, or share information a user ("You") provides to Us when:

  • You visit our Website at or any other site that links to this Privacy document;
  • Engage with Us in other ways, in particular, with sales, events, or marketing.

Note that this Privacy Policy applies only to online activities. It is not valid or applicable to any information collected offline or via any other platforms and channels besides this Website.

Please read this Privacy Policy carefully. The rules, terms, and provisions in this document can help You understand Your rights and make the right choices. If You have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact Us at [email protected] If You do not agree to the terms, please, discontinue the use of the Website.

1. General Terms

The General Terms are the key terms from our Privacy Policy. You can find more detailed explanations of each aspect in this Policy Notice.

  1. What personal information that You provide does the Website process? When You visit the Website or navigate the services, We may process Your personal data depending on how You interact with the Website, the decisions You make, and the features You use.
  2. Is any sensitive information processed? No, We do not process any sensitive personal information provided by Our Users.
  3. Do We receive additional information from third-party organizations and individuals? No, We do not receive such information from third-party organizations and individuals.
  4. How does the Website process Your information? We process the information that You provide to Us in order to provide, improve, and administer our Website, and communicate with users, for security purposes and fraud prevention.
  5. With whom can We share the information that You provide when using Our Website? We may share Your information with certain types of third parties under specific circumstances. You can find more details on the terms in this Privacy Notice.
  6. How does the Website protect the information You provide? We have high-quality technical procedures that protect our users' personal data. However, despite the fact that We use high-quality software, any data storage technology cannot be considered 100% secure, so We cannot guarantee that under any circumstances, hackers or other third-party organizations or individuals will not be able to defeat the security system and collect, steal or change Your information.
  7. What are Your rights? You have rights to access Your data, ask Us to delete inaccurate information, the right to restrict processing, as well as some other rights. More detailed information on Your rights can be found below.

2. What Information Does the Website Collect?

We collect the information You provide to the Website voluntarily when using or creating an account on the Website, when expressing any interest in our Content, when You participate in any activities on the Website, for example, share Your opinions with Us or when You contact Us to ask questions or make Contributions.

The information that We may collect largely depends on how You interact with Us, the decisions and choices You make, and the features You use. The personal data We collect may include:

  • Your email address;
  • Your username;
  • Your password.

Note that We do not process, use or store any sensitive information.

You must provide true and accurate data and notify Us if any of the information is not accurate. In this case, You can also request to change Your personal information.

2.1 Automatically collected data

We automatically collect certain data when You browse, use or navigate the Website. Note that this data doesn't usually reveal Your identity, for example, Your real name or contact details, but it may include the information on the device You are using and the way You use the information on the Website, for example, Your IP address, browser that You use, characteristics of Your mobile/desktop device, Your country and more specific location, language You choose, the operating system, device name, and all other technical data.

The main purpose of collecting this information is to provide high-level security and maintenance of the site by performing in-depth analysis and reporting statistics. Also, We can collect, store, and use Your data for the following:

  • Provide You with relevant Content and Services;
  • Improve our Services;
  • Promote and advertise our Content and Services;
  • Provide You with an opportunity to use interactive features of the Website (for example, commenting).

Also, like most other platforms, We collect data through cookies and other similar technologies, including the following:

  • Log & Usage Information. This data falls under the category of data used for diagnosis, usage, and improving the performance of the website overall. This may include Your IP information, information on Your device, browser, settings, and information on how You use the Website (viewed pages, search history, features You use), so the specific data We collect and use depends on how You interact with Us.
  • Device Information. We also have the right to collect the data on the device You are using to use the Website, such as a mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or PC. We can also collect data like proxy service, app identification numbers, location, browser, hardware, Internet provider, and operating system depending on the device You are using.
  • Location details. We collect information on Your location, in particular, the precise or imprecise location of the device You are using to access the Website. How much data We collect depends on the type of device You use, as well as on the settings. If You use GPS, We can learn what Your current location is. You can opt-out of allowing Us to use the information or disable GPS on Your device. However, in this case, some features and services will be limited.

3. Terms of Sharing Your Personal data

We have the right to share Your information with third-party organizations and individuals who participate in providing services to our site users or services that allow Us to maintain the Website, such as Data Analytics Services and Data Storage Service Providers. Also, We may share Your personal details if requested by legal authority and required by law.

3.1 Approach to third-party sites

On this Website, there are links to third-party websites, platforms, services, and mobile apps, and it also can contain ads from third-party organizations or individuals that aren't affiliated with the Company and can also link to other platforms and services. We do not provide any guarantees related to third-party services. The link to any website or service does not imply an endorsement by the Website.

We cannot guarantee the safety of the data You provide to any third parties. Also, any information that third-party services collect is not covered by this Privacy Policy. We take no responsibility for the content published on these websites. We recommend You read all the third-party Terms & Conditions and Privacy Notices to ensure the safety of Your personal information.

4. How We Use Cookies

We have the right to use cookies and similar tracking technologies to collect the information You provide and store the Data. You can find more information on how We use them in our Cookie Notice and accept or not accept the terms We set as a part of our Cookie Policy.

5. Data Storage Policy

We keep Your data for as long as it is needed to meet our goals of using personal data that we've already listed previously. The only exception is if otherwise required by law. We have no purpose to store Your data longer than it is necessary and then the period of time in which you're using the site.

If We decide to sell or discontinue the operation of the Website, We will not keep storing Your data. We will either delete or anonymize them if it is possible. If it is impossible, for example, if they are stored in backup archives, We will store Your information and isolate it to ensure any third parties will be able to access, use, or sell it to anyone.

6. Data Protection

We have taken all the necessary, relevant, and reasonable security measures to protect all the information that You provide when using the Website. We use the technical and organizational tools and procedures to provide the highest level of safety and privacy, but there is no software or procedure that can guarantee that never, under any circumstance, a hacker or any other third-party individual or organization will not be able to access, use, steal, sell the personal data, and neither can we.

7. Your Rights

You have the right to get certain pieces of information about how We process Your information and Our relations with You. In particular, You can get Your contact and identity details and learn information on how We process Your personal data, what the legal basis for processing Your data in a specific way is, as well as get other relevant information You may need to ensure that We do not violate Your rights and process Your information in the fair, reasonable, and legal way.

7.1 Right to access Your data

You have the right to request information and confirmation from Us that explains how Your personal data are processed, learn Your rights, and request access to Your data if it is applicable and appropriate.

7.2 Right to rectify Your information

If You notice that any of the data We store is not accurate, You have the right to rectify it. You can provide Us with the correct data and expect Us to change the old information.

7.3 Right to deletion (right to erasure)

You have the right to request the erasure of Your personal information from the Website under the following circumstances:

  1. If Your information is not needed for the purposes it was collected anymore;

If You withdraw consent for usage, storage, and processing of Your personal information and We do not have the legal basis to keep or process Your data anymore;

  1. If You object to certain terms and discontinue the use of the Website;
  2. If Your personal information is processed unlawfully.

7.4 Right to restrict processing of Your information

You can request the restriction of the processing of the information You provide to the Website in the following cases:

  1. If data is not accurate, access to them can be restricted for the time needed to make necessary changes or verify its accuracy.
  2. Processing is unlawful.
  3. We do not need the information for the purposes it was initially collected but it is still needed for defending legal rights.

7.5 Right not to have Your information processed

You can object to the processing of Your information for any reason and at any time. When You notify Us that You do not allow Us to use and store Your data, We will stop processing Your information. The only exception is the situation where We can demonstrate legitimate grounds for continuing processing them, for example, if they are needed because of the legal claims.

7.6 Right to withdraw consent

You can withdraw Your consent to collect Your data and also to withdraw Your consent to send You Emails with news or offers from Us or from our partners. You can withdraw it at any time without explaining the reasons.

8. Contact us

If You want to ask any questions about our Privacy Policy, learn more details, or make any Contributions, You can contact Us at [email protected]