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1. Agreement to the Terms

These Terms and Conditions ("Terms") form the entire agreement betWeen You, whether an individual accessing or using the Oddstime.com Website or the company, or another legal entity on behalf of which the User is accessing or using the Oddstime.com Website ("You") and Oddstime.com ("Company,", "Website", "We," Us," or "Our"), "), concerning Your access to and use of the https://oddstime.com Website or any other media form, mobile Website, linked, or otherwise connected thereto (collectively, the "Website").

Note that if You access the Website, You confirm that You have read, understood, and agreed to all the Terms. Oddstime.com assumes no liability for not reading or failing to understand the following Terms. If You disagree with any rules or statements, please, discontinue use and leave the Website.

The Company also has the right to change or modify the Terms at any time. The Website will notify You about any changes to the Terms by updating the "Last Updated" date of the Terms & Conditions. You agree not to receive any special notice of each change to the Terms. If You don't agree to the changes or this system, discontinue use immediately.

Note that the Website doesn't have to comply with any regulations for a specific industry, so if Your usage would be subjected to such regulations and laws, discontinue use of the Website.

You also confirm that You are over the age of 18. The Company does not permit those under 18 to use the Website and the content that is published on Oddstime.com.

2. Liability Limitations

The Website isn't an online gambling platform, a betting site, or a bookmaker. We don't accept bets or provide any gambling services. All the content published on the Website is just informational, and all the views, opinions, scores, and rates You can find here are for the information and nothing but information. We don't assume liability for any financial losses and don't accept any complaints about the services provided by third parties.

You accept full responsibility for Your actions and decisions made while using the third-party services and the concomitant risk. The Website takes a reasonable effort to provide You with up-to-date and comprehensive information and reduce risks but doesn't assume liability for matters that aren't under Our control.

3. Links to Other Websites & Third-Party Content

Our Service contains links to third-party Websites and platforms, including betting sites and bookmakers, as well as articles, in particular, reviews, graphic content, sound content, text, software, and other pieces of content that belong to the Third Parties.

We have no control over the third-party companies and are not responsible for their policies, services, fees, and prices. The content is based on the relevant information at the time of publication but We don't take any responsibility for any hidden non-public information, as well as for any inaccuracies. The Website doesn't assume liability for constant investigation, monitoring, checking for accuracy, and appropriateness of the information published on the Third-Party Sites, including the content, opinions expressed by the owners and users, offensiveness, and privacy policies.

At the time when You decide to leave the Website and access a Third-Party Site, use content or services or install any Third-Party software, You accept all the risks as these Terms & Conditions no longer govern. If You are going to use any Third-Party Site, We strongly recommend reading the Terms of a specific Company before using any information or services. You should review all the existing policies, in particular, privacy policy, data collecting, and storage policies. All the financial transactions You make on the Third-Party Websites are through other sites, which means We take no liability whatsoever in relation to such transactions.

3. Copyright

All Our Content, including databases, software, designs, logos, visual and audio content, as well as code, is owned by Us. Therefore, all the Content is protected by copyright law and intellectual property rights. The Content published on the Website is for information only, and You have no right to distribute, sell, reproduce, upload, or republish it on any other sites or platforms. If You agree to the Terms & Conditions We still grant You limited access to all the materials published on the site and save, copy or print it if it is for Your personal use and not for any kind of distribution.

4. Responsible Gambling

The Website doesn't encourage gambling and takes no responsibility for gambling activity of any kind. You agree to use the Content on this site to participate in gambling activities at Your own risk. Any information provided on the Website cannot be used to charge or blame the Website for any financial losses or failures or low-quality services provided by Third Parties.

The legal age for gambling is 18 in most countries, and You automatically confirm that You are 18 years old or older when You are browsing the Website. If You are under 18 years old, discontinue the use of the Website immediately.

You also confirm that You know the basic rules and principles of responsible gambling that involve the conduct of gambling in a manner whereby the potential harm associated with all gambling activities is minimized, namely the principle of responsible consumption based on exercising control and making informed conscious choices and decisions to keep gambling practices within reasonable and affordable limits of time and money.

General Terms

You agree to all the general Terms that We provide below and confirm that You are going to read and understand all the specific terms and provisions that We shall mention in the following sections below.

The general Terms of using the Service are as follows:

  1. Oddstime.com includes links to the Third Party Websites. The Company has no responsibility for the Content, Services, or Prices of these Websites as the links are provided for information and nothing but information. You accept sole responsibility for using or not using the Third-Party services, information, and any kinds of materials provided on these platforms and also agree to the Terms & Conditions of a particular Third-Party Website.
  2. Oddstime.com accepts no responsibility for gaming and betting. All the bets, transactions, and payments are provided according to the rules of the Third Party, and We aren't responsible for any Content and Services that are out of our control.
  3. Registration with a bookmaker or any kind of betting platform through the Website forms an agreement with the bookmaker or any kind of betting platform, not with Us. We aren't responsible for these agreements and any kinds of contracts betWeen You and Third Parties even if they are somehow mentioned on the Website.
  4. We are not obliged to monitor the information and any changes that Third Parties provide on their Website. We also are not responsible for any kinds of inaccuracies or errors. Checking the information on Third-Party platforms before using any content or services is Your sole responsibility.

User Data and Privacy

We take all reasonable measures to ensure that Your data are safe on the site. We have the right to store them and use all the information that You provide to us, including login details and passwords, and the right to use it to promote our Content and Services and manage the performance of the site. We don't usually disclose Your information to Third Parties unless they provide services to You and other users or unless it is requested by law enforcement officers or if We suspect that You violate the law.

For more information about Our Privacy Policy, follow the link https:LINKTOPRIVACY.

5. Prohibited Actions

On this Website, You cannot take any actions except for the actions that We make available and permitted. You cannot use the Site or its Content for any commercial purposes unless this is approved and allowed by Us.

As a User, You confirm that You don't have the right to violate any of these rules:

  • You cannot retrieve Content or data available on the Website to compile any kind of database or piece of other content based on our materials unless it's approved by Us.
  • You cannot disable or circumvent any features of the Website that are somehow related to its safety and security, in particular, use any software to turn off the features protecting Our Content and copyright or somehow limit the use of the Website and Our Content.
  • You cannot take any fraudulent actions or trick or mislead, or attempt to trick or mislead Us and all other users of the Website, especially in order to learn any confidential or sensitive information, for instance, the passwords of the registered users.
  • You cannot harass or harm Us and the Website or other users.
  • You cannot violate the rules of using the support service, provide false information on anything that is somehow related to the Website and submit any false reports of any kind of abuse or misconduct of other users or any other third parties.
  • You cannot use the site in a manner that would violate the law or the rules set by the Company.
  • You cannot add unauthorized links to the Website.
  • You cannot upload or transmit any viruses or other harmful materials, spam, overuse capital letters or take any other actions that can interrupt the use of the Website for other users or have a negative impact on its functions, features, operation, and/or maintenance overall.
  • You cannot participate in the automated use of the Websites, use any kinds of scripts to spam with comments or messages, robots, data mining, and gathering tools.
  • You cannot delete any kind of information/Content from the Website.
  • You cannot impersonate another person, or use other users' login details or nicknames.
  • You cannot participate in any activity aimed to create an excessive burden on the Website.
  • You cannot put any kind of pressure, harassment, intimidate or threaten the members of Our team or partners engaged in creating content or providing services for a Website.
  • You cannot bypass or circumvent or try to bypass or circumvent the measures taken specifically to restrict access to any kind of Content on the Website.
  • You cannot try to copy or copy Our software or change it.
  • You cannot use, develop or launch any automated system or software except for search engines that can access the Website.
  • You cannot use the Website as part of any actions taken to get a competitive advantage over Us and use Our Content to generate financial profit.

6. Your Contributions

The Website has the right and may invite You to any kind of activity, in particular, to chat, contribute to the Website, participate in discussions and blogs, forums, and can provide You with an opportunity to share Your content on the Website. The Content refers to all materials of any kind, including text, video files, pictures, comments, feedback, reviews, and personal information ("Contributions"). Your Contributions may be viewed by other registered and non-registered users, including users of Third Parties. You agree that all Your Contributions cannot be considered confidential and are not Your property. You also confirm that You agree to the following terms:

  • If We or other users create, distribute, transmit, share or perform, as well as access, download, copy or take any other actions with the Contributions provided by on this Website cannot be subject to any copyright or patent and will not infringe Your moral rights or rights of any Third Party.

  • You have all the rights, licenses, consents, and/or permissions to create and share Your Contributions on the Website and provide a warranty that they all meet the requirements, rules, and provisions of the current Terms.

  • If You mention any individual or organization in Your Contributions, You confirm that You have the consent of the Third Party to share such information and that it meets all the requirements, rules, and provisions of the current Terms.

  • The Contributions You Provide to Us are true, not misleading, and do not abuse or harass any Third Party.

  • You don't have the right to create, post, share, or discuss any services if it's part of unauthorized advertising or promotion of the Third Party organization or individual. You also confirm that it's not part of mass mailing, chain letters, pyramid, or scam schemes.

  • You confirm that You agree not to provide any obscene, lascivious, violent, harassing, or objectionable Contributions to Us and that the Company has the right to decide which Contributions fall under this category.

  • The Contributions You provide to Us aren't used to threaten or harass other individuals or organizations or promote or encourage any illegal activity including violence.

  • The Contributions You provide to Us don't violate any laws or regulations in Your or other countries.

  • The Contributions You Provide to Us don't violate the copyright or privacy of Third-Party individuals or organizations.

  • The Contributions You provide to Us don't include any offensive or illegal information, in particular, information that is somehow related to race, nationality, gender, child abuse, violence, etc.

  • You cannot provide links to any materials or share any materials that violate the Terms of this Website.

If You violate any of these rules and provide Contributions that don't provide Our requirements, We have the right to suspend Your right to use this Website.

7. Contribution License

At the moment when You provide Contributions to this Website, You automatically confirm that You agree to provide Us with an unrestricted, unlimited, entirely free, worldwide right and license to use Your Contributions in any way, in particular, to host the data, use them, copy, reproduce and share them on our Website or Third-Party Websites, sell, resell, broadcast the, publish or not publish it, reformat and translate information. Your Contributions can be used and shared in any format and through any channels.

This is the license that applies to all the forms and technologies that will be developed in the future. It gives Us the right to use Your username, name, name of the company that You represent or own, Your trademarks and trademarks, logos, and images that You contribute to Us. When You provide any kind of materials to Us You confirm that Your moral rights have not been asserted.

The Company does not assert ownership over the materials that You provide to Us. The full ownership belongs to You. The Website isn't responsible for any of Your Contributions as You have intellectual property rights.

The Website has the right to change Your Contributions, namely, proofread, edit, place them in other locations on the Website, and delete or pre-screen any materials without explaining the reasons. We are not obliged to monitor Your materials or Contributions or publish them immediately. We also decide to use or not to use Your Contributions, as well as to share or not to share them with other users.


You confirm that You understand and agree that all pieces of content and feedback that You provide, including questions, comments, ideas, suggestions, and any other information automatically becomes our property. The Website shall own all the rights, in particular, intellectual property rights on Your Submissions. We don't have to notify You about the usage of Your content and do not owe You any kind of financial compensation. You confirm that You are not going to submit any claims, including legal ones, that are somehow related to the Submissions that You voluntarily provided to the Website.


The Service and Content are provided to You as a site user as is with all its defects and without warranties. To the maximum extent, the Website itself and all its Affiliates, Partners, and Service Providers disclaim all possible warranties, including the warranties that may arise when dealing with and using any kind of services from third-party companies and individuals. Also, the Website doesn't provide any warranty that any services or Content on Our Website or Third-Party Website mentioned on this Website or sharing content with Us will meet Your requirements or expectations and will guarantee You the expected results, be compatible with any other devices or software, systems, or services, operate without any technical errors, meet the performance or reliability standards of any legislation.

The Website, along with the Website's partners and providers provide no warranty (i) as to the operation or availability of the Service, or the Content included thereon; (ii) that the Service will be entirely error-free; (iii) as to the accuracy, reliability, or currency of any Content shared on the Website; or (iv) that the Service, Content or any other materials sent from Us or on behalf of Us are free of any harmful components, including viruses.


These Terms, as well as any rules and policies set by Us on this Website or in respect to this Website, are the agreement and understanding between the Company and You as a user. If We fail to enforce or exercise any of the Terms it doesn't mean We waive the existing rules or provisions. We have the right to assign Our Rights, Content, Obligations, and the Website to any individual or organization at any moment and take no liability for the consequences, including any kind of losses, damages, failure to meet the existing rules, or any other consequences that are out of our control.

If any of the existing rules, terms, or provisions are considered void or unenforceable, it doesn't void all other rules or provisions and is automatically severable from all other Terms in this agreement. If some or any of the existing provisions or terms mean that there is no partnership or any kind of cooperation between You and the Company, You agree that the Terms cannot be construed against the Website.

Modifications and Termination of Services

We can suspend the operation of the Website and have the right to change Content, remove it or modify it at any time. We cannot guarantee that it will be available to You at any time. We also don't guarantee that Content will be error-free, and You agree to this by using the Website.

We have no obligation to constantly update information on the Website and don't guarantee it's always up-to-date. The Company has the right to discontinue any part of the Website at any time. We may also experience any technical problems or just stop operation to maintain the Website. We don't have to notify You about it and aren't responsible for an inability to access or use the Website at any time.

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